Correction !: ULF lens wanted

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/15/05-08:14:22 PM Z
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Neighbor called tonight, delighted with the dossier I'd given him, said
he'd talked to several of the references who were extremely helpful -- and
that he'd gotten a lot of helpful info. However, he was embarrassed to
say he'd been "so excited" when he talked to me originally that he'd cited
the wrong number of inches.... Meaning of course that the folks who'd
commented on the "wide angle" were (as usual) right ! He says it's
actually 30 inches (THIRTY? Can a lens be 30 inches long that isn't on
Mount Palomar?), though the six to eight hundred milimeter figure was

Actually, he's usually extremely excited when he's working, especially
when approaching what he calls "a new persona"--- I expect he'll find the
necessary sooner or later, and note the correction here for what it's
worth. (I also hope 30 inches isn't going to break a window or knock down
a street lamp. Ye gods !)

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