Re: Brush for Liquid Emulsion

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Date: 02/15/05-08:01:58 PM Z
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On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 wrote:

> In checking out the picture on their website, it looks like the brush has a
> metal ferrule. I know one has to do something about that when using it for
> liquid emulsion...please remind me of the technique.

Rita, folks get very uptight about the metal ferrule when they're using
brushes for dichromate processes also, but it's mostly another one of
those old geezer tales -- unless you actually get the ferrule of the brush
in the emulsion, which I myself have never seen or heard of. However if
you think this might happen, you can be utterly and entirely safe by
coating the ferrule with clear nail polish or some other hard-drying

(In fact, whether getting the ferrule actually in the emulsion would
actually matter has been debated --- but it's easy enough to be on the
safe side.)

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