Re: advise on 6 to 8 megapixels digital cameras.

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Date: 02/13/05-04:41:00 PM Z
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Baird, Darryl wrote:
> Hands down, the Canon 20D, with 17-85mm... from a long-time Nikon
> user.
> It cab be simple or complicated, depending on your use. The (free)
> Photoshop raw format plug-in is remarkable for the level(s) of
> control.
> Hard to take a bad photograph with this camera. In fact, it's hard to
> purposefully make a 'bad' photograph... like night shots with mixed
> lighting. The white balance is too darn good.
> -Darryl Baird

Exactly the same would apply to the Nikon D70, which has the advantage
of being cheaper. Don't forget with these cameras you will need to add
the cost of a CF card too, a 1Gb would be useful with either. Both of
them are more to carry around than a Coolpix etc, but can give better
results. Some things - like close-ups - will need extras with the D70 or
the 20D though.

Photoshop isn't free, so unless you already own a copy would add
considerably to your costs. Adobe Elements 3 gets you the same raw
converter rather more cheaply.


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