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>What is the difference between the digital SLR 8 mega
>pixel (Canon d20) and Coolpix 8800? Is it just the
>ability to change lenses in the SLR? (Sorry, I only
>use a 4x5 camera, so I donit know much about this

All pixels are not created equal. The size of the chip plays a big part
in determining image quality. The 8MP from the 20D will be *better* than
8 from the 8800 (or other prosumer 8MP cameras) because the Canon's chip
is larger. One could argue that you're also getting more advanced image
processing with the more expensive SLR too.

>I donit mind a digital fixed lens, and I would like as
>many mega pixels as possible.
>But what else should I take into consideration? The
>price difference is so huge!

They are different tools. You might select a digital SLR because of the
speed and lens capability, a prosumer model because they are light and
easy to carry, and a pocket camera because a photographer should always
have a camera. In the old days when we shot phylm, many of us used more
than one camera for similar reasons.

>What are the pros and cons of going for a straight
>digital versus a digital SLR camera?

I think the first answer also takes care of this one. And as I mentioned
in an earlier post, the ability to compose on the LCD is a big plus for
the smaller prosumer models. I really like the pivoting LCD screens that
make for easy shooting from ground level or overhead. It's sorta like
shooting with a miniature view camera except the image isn't upside down.
An SLR can't do this because of the mirror. There used to be exceptions
to this; the Olympus E10 and E20 used a beam-splitting mirror so you had
the best of both worlds. I don't know if any current SLRs do this.

Hope this helps!


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