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Azo is a pure chloride paper - which suffers little from aging. That box of
paper is a treasure! May I suggest you try selenium toning this paper??
Try it at 1:12 until you see warm plum reds in the shadows and a beautiful
pastel blue-green "tarnish" in the highlights. It's great stuff - and the
modern Azo doesn't perform like the old stuff! Enjoy!

Best - Jon

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    Yesterday after being confounded by a different process I broke open a
box of Azo which I bought on ebay as part of a collection of old printing
papers. Using a 75 watt regular light bulb about a meter from the print
frame I exposed 5 Stouffer strips for 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 seconds. To my
amazement and delight the paper (coming up on 50 years out of date) is not
fogged and gave good images of the strips. Looks like something between 16
and 32 seconds would be the right exposure.
    Now back to my other process.
Charles Portland OR.
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