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Well, if it's on Ankeny Street, it's in a good neighborhood, right by
the Church of Elvis (a must-see, if it's still there), Dan and Louie's
Oyster Bar (a wonderful old Portland institution, best crab stew in the
world; actually that in itself is a cheap enough place, but the menu is
rather limited, mostly oyster stew and crab stew as I recall) and the
old Salvation Army building (where I was married thirty years ago, but
that's another story, a much longer one) which was long since converted
to a theater where you have to pay big bucks to see a play.

True, there are bums around there, but they haven't owned the district
since it was gentrified more than 20 years ago; the area is now called
Old Town and is full of tony restaurants and whatnot, and there's no
reason to be nervous about going there at night. The bums have mostly
moved over to the other side of Burnside anyway. If you're going to the
Photographic Image Gallery (not high on my list as a rule) you'll be
right in that neighborhood anyway. Max runs right through there, so you
can hop Max from the hotel.
k wrote:
> >From their website <>
> Perhaps you've had a great day and want to celebrate - or, you've had
> a really bad day and you need a break...
> In an alley on a short section of Ankeny St. off Broadway (one block
> S. of W. Burnside), the warm interior of the Tugboat lures the weary
> traveler. A well-worn latch greets your tired hand, the heavy door
> needs a gentle nudge to gain entrance...
> The ale list looks pretty good, I may drive down for a pint.
> Ralph ?North Vancouver
> >   Well, I've never been to the Tugboat Brewery but I just walked by
> it.
> > Doesn't open till 4 or 5 depending on the day, so I couldn't go in.
>  It
> > doesn't look like a restaurant--no menu in the window.  Looks like a
> tavern.
> > It is literally on the edge of Skid Road--the kind of place I'd have
> loved
> > when I was 18, er 21 but have avoided for the last 49 years.
> > Charles   Portland OR
> >
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