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Perhaps you've had a great day and want to celebrate - or, you've had a
really bad day and you need a break...

In an alley on a short section of Ankeny St. off Broadway (one block S. of
W. Burnside), the warm interior of the Tugboat lures the weary traveler. A
well-worn latch greets your tired hand, the heavy door needs a gentle nudge
to gain entrance...

The ale list looks pretty good, I may drive down for a pint.

Ralph ­North Vancouver

> Well, I've never been to the Tugboat Brewery but I just walked by it.
> Doesn't open till 4 or 5 depending on the day, so I couldn't go in. It
> doesn't look like a restaurant--no menu in the window. Looks like a tavern.
> It is literally on the edge of Skid Road--the kind of place I'd have loved
> when I was 18, er 21 but have avoided for the last 49 years.
> Charles Portland OR
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