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  A couple of questions.

1. What in particular is it about the TF-3 formula that makes you not
recommend it? The pH of a working solution of TF-3 is around 9.0. Do
you see that as a problem?

2.Would I be correct to assume that one could prepare a concentrated
stock solution of the formula you provide below and dilute it for the
working solution, as is done with the TF-3 forumla. If so, what
strength stock solution and what dilutions would you recommend for
film and paper?

Sandy King

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>Subject: Re: alkaline fixer TF-3
>Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 09:13:37 -0800
>> I see that Michael Healy kindly provided the formula. It is sort of
>> stinky and some have worried a bit about softer emulsions.
>I talked to Bill Troop about why he made fixers that way. He had
>something else in mind, but anyway, I don't recommend TF-3.
>A perfectly practical nonacid fixing bath can be made by mixing 120g
>ammonium thiosulfate (200ml of 60% solution), 15g sodium sulfite, and
>5g sodium metabisulfite in water to make one liter. The pH is about
>Ryuji Suzuki
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