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Please note that I'm very specific to Roam and Haas Rhoplex/Primal
AC-33 and AC-35. I don't know about any other "acrylic medium."

The AC-33 and 35 are used to make masonry/concrete sealants and facede
paints. These are water soluble until they dry but they have limited
solubility once they dry. AC-33 is said to be more permeable to water.

The way I arrived at these is as follows. I searched for literature to
figure out what kinds of polymers are used for what purpose in
photographic industry. Alkyl methacrylates are often used as a spacing
agent, and vinyl polymers, polyacrylamides, etc. are used as a gelatin
blends for various purposes as well. So I checked other applications
of these polymers, looked up catalogues of chemical companies and also
checked availability in small quantities. Tried AC-33 and 35 and they
worked very well in small quantity when blended into sizing and

Neither AC-33 nor AC-35 breaks down when used as a part of sizing or
emulsion even after several stages of wet processing and archival
washing. If they did, I wouldn't even mention those products here at

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