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Date: 02/04/05-11:37:17 AM Z
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Hey y'all -- (j/k)

I'm here in the South, so if anyone needs recommendations of things to
eat, or places (galleries) to go while you're in Atlanta for CAA, just
give a write.

Must do, while you're in Atlanta. Find someone with a car, pair up,
and make your way to Buckhead, to see Jackson Fine Art. The show thats
up currently, Katy Grannan and ... some Mural B&W prints, aren't all
that impressive or groundbreaking. Some gratuitous nudity in Grannan's

But go into the store room, and ask them to look through their
alternative process work. They represent John Dugdale, so there's an
impressive collection of breathtaking cyanotypes. There are a number
of P&P artists that have beautiful modernist imagery. They are a true
treasure of photographic images in the southeast, Jackson Fine Art.

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