Re: SPE or CAA conferences coming up

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/04/05-03:36:00 AM Z
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ryberg wrote:
> I live in Portland and would be glad to have coffee (or lunch or after
> dinner wine) with any or all alt folk. I have to admit I'm pretty low on
> the skills level so I won't have anything (except for a fair knowledge of
> the city) to offer.
> Charles Ryberg Portland OR

I could possibly get to Portland for a lunch, but it's not a good week
for me since I am delivering work for two shows that week. Either I'll
have got everything done in good time and will be able to relax and
meet, or I'll still be racing around finishing up the last touches and
won't be able to get away; it's kind of hard to tell at this point which
it will be. I'm working as fast as I can, but I always underestimate how
much time it takes to do things. For instance I spent much of yesterday
gluing strips of matboard together to make sliders for the shutters for
a six-pinhole camera I'm making to take one of the pictures I want to
have in one of the shows. Times like this one wishes one was in a
position to hire an assistant to do the little time-consuming tasks.
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