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Date: 08/13/05-01:39:55 PM Z
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That (Mark's post) is a hard act to follow, there's not much one could
add to that. I have always had more ideas than time and energy (I have
about ten series in mind that I haven't got to yet) so haven't ever been
faced with your problem, but if I were, I would take Robert Henri's "The
Art Spirit" off the shelf and read it again. I'd get out my folder of
things I've cut out of art magazines over the years, not to copy but to
be inspired by, and look through those. I'd go to galleries and museums,
as Mark said. For inspiration, I think what's important is to put
yourself in a frame of mind where you're open to receiving the ideas
that you yourself are capable of generating; I don't know if this will
work for you but music, nature, viewing good art, poetry, put me in that
frame of mind. For you it might be something entirely different.

This pink screen is very hard to look at. I don't know if this means my
ancient (1998) Mac is getting ready to die or what, but suddenly it has
decided that all documents in all applications, all websites, all
pictures in Photoshop, in short everything that appears on the screen,
must be overlaid with a florid hot pink color. When it started doing
this yesterday, I found that I could make it go away by shutting the
computer down and re-starting it, but now that doesn't fix it any more.
And no, changing the control panels or preferences doesn't make any
difference; no matter what colors I choose, everything stays pink. A
nuisance. Anyway, it's hard to look at, and I'm quitting now.
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