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This is a real 'kiss in the dark' request. We know you work in something that doesn't require photography; or not. We know you take pictures, but we don't know what of.

All I can add as a former gallery director goes to continuity. You find what you like and do it from all angles. No brainer to see front, back, and two sides. Inspiration is a hard thing to talk about cold.

"I met this wonderful person, and it blocked my inspiration," is another thing. "We just moved into a brand new home, and I just don't know where to begin with my pictures." That's another sort of block. But, to say . . . 'gee, I want to make stellar pictures and I have ones and twos of stuff but no continuity, where do I start?' That's an invitation into your head. So, what do you like?

We all like ice cream. Photograph ice cream.

I had a philosophical statement that grew and grew into pages and pages, and finally I started making pictures of this one pepper. I got 170 b&w pictures of the pepper and 27 color slides that were ALL DIFFERENT. So many of my friends in Carmel and including the Westons saw this portfolio and are thrilled and awed to see not one of these pictures looks like the same pepper. But they are.

Cole and I were going to make a book with EW's 40 peppers . . . but that's my inspirational track.

I mean, inspiration . . . it's like saying 'I want to believe in God, but what's a religion and which one will do it for me?'

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