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Date: 09/27/04-01:10:01 AM Z
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There is a 1780mm lens for sale on E-bay today. That is about 70 inches.

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> OK, as long as I'm asking for suggestions.... I'm looking for a long lens
> for 8x10. I frequently use 480mm on 4x5, and sometimes want more, so I'm
> thinking 900-1200mm for 8x10. I do architectural abstracts and other work
> where good resolution over the whole field is important, so I'm not really
> interested in using half of a "convertible" lens. I'm also not
> specifically looking for a telephoto lens (i.e., one where the exit pupil
> is out in front of the lens so you don't need full bellows draw for it),
> because I sometimes use plenty of movements and would prefer large
> to short bellows draw (also, lenses with displaced exit pupils give new
> meaning to the concept of "yaw" when one is trying to dial in movements).
> However, I'm prepared to accept a tele if that's all there is. Anybody
> have any ideas? Oh, yeah -- I'd like it to be bright enough to compose
> focus (say, at least f/11 if possible).
> Best regards,
> etienne
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