Re: Seeking 8x10 long lens advice

From: Etienne Garbaux ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/26/04-09:54:34 PM Z
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OK, as long as I'm asking for suggestions.... I'm looking for a long lens
for 8x10. I frequently use 480mm on 4x5, and sometimes want more, so I'm
thinking 900-1200mm for 8x10. I do architectural abstracts and other work
where good resolution over the whole field is important, so I'm not really
interested in using half of a "convertible" lens. I'm also not
specifically looking for a telephoto lens (i.e., one where the exit pupil
is out in front of the lens so you don't need full bellows draw for it),
because I sometimes use plenty of movements and would prefer large coverage
to short bellows draw (also, lenses with displaced exit pupils give new
meaning to the concept of "yaw" when one is trying to dial in movements).
However, I'm prepared to accept a tele if that's all there is. Anybody
have any ideas? Oh, yeah -- I'd like it to be bright enough to compose and
focus (say, at least f/11 if possible).

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