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I think a lot of the popular "doom and gloom" is based upon the
marketplace darlings in the press corps. It is their jobs to "predict"
the trends. The fact is they usually go with a prevailing sentiment
and seek to prove it true.

Kodak has poured vast sums of $$$ and research into film within the
last several years... a new film plant (USA) and several new and
exciting emulsions. That said, little new effort is going towards B&W
(I'd like to be wrong here, so please correct as you see fit).
Personally, I can't wait to get a completely digital capture system
capable of my present 6X9 system. My school has purchased a Mamiya
645AFD with a digital back... oh la la, I get a new, cool toy to learn
how to use.

I think the real losers are those shooting U.L.F., like Sandy K and
all the 11X14 and 8X10 film shooters. That's where I see the near
future with no rays of sunshine... ever again.

As a teacher of alt-process, the excitement is in the control of the
printing stage. I see nothing really revolutionary, beyond enlarged
digital negs. That's the main area of new development; that's what
continues to excite me about this list. We are a tangible part of this


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Darryl, thanks very much for forwarding the Brad Cook article. Very
interesting. Grace

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