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Date: 09/26/04-10:21:53 AM Z
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           We now see the mass exodus from film ........ The professional
has gone digital ( just to stay in business) who at one time used a
serious amount of film each week. The armature has gone digital , who once
upon a time used maybe a couple of rolls a month......... . This
leaves the hard riding , strait shooting, die hard fine art photographer,
who keeps on shooting till the sun goes down. " Give me film or give me
death" says he .! ..............It is he that is concerned about the
archival properties and the quality of film... The average Joe though
could give a rats ass.. Most do not even know what archival means........
         Hopefully there will be a small efficient manufacturer to supply us
with film, but even the fine art photographers are getting more and more
into the digital negatives and printing......... Also Everyone is now a
photographer and is putting the narrowing pro's market in even more
serious trouble. Quality suffers but they the armature can now do
       Film is very expensive now.... I recently bought a box of 50 sheets
of 8x10 Ektachrome that cost over $400 !!!!! OUCHHHHHHHHHHHH did
that ever hurt!!!! ......How much was that digital camera in the

Love and Kisses,
John Cremati.
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