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Here are my experiences...

>Another option suggested by my computer dealer is to buy an Epson Perfection
>3170 with a film scanner adaptor. This scanner can capture at 3200 x 6400
>hardware resolution (3200 Optical). Is this sufficient in quality to make
>scans for silver and alternative processes? Frankly I don't know if the use
>of a film adaptor gives good enough quality for crafting negatives.
I wouldn't use the 3170 for 35mm scans. It's probably not that great. I
use the Epson 3200 for 5x4 and medium format. The 3170 would probably be
acceptable for these formats also if it has the appropriate negative
carrier. There is a big difference in quality between a flatbed scanner
and a dedicated film scanner at the same resolution. I used the Minolta
4000 scanner for 35mm before I bought a digital camera. This Minolta
scanner was pretty good for my purposes, but 35mm scans on my 3200 are
not good at all.

>My digital negatives will be output using an Epson 1280 printer. Ink set
>and substrate to be determined later.

I have the Epson 1290 (I think this is the UK equivalent to the 1280).
It gives good results from my LF scans using a Quadtone inkset for BW.
I am also planning to use it for digital negatives in the near future.

>My first efforts will be using silver prints because I have access to a
>darkroom at my high school and little space in my apartment. Next summer
>when I move I will have an alt-photo work space.

Have fun.

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