Some digital questions brought on my Mark Nelson's book.

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I gave a small introduction a few weeks ago but again, my name is Ehud and
my fiends call me Oody.

Last week I received Mark Nelson's book and printed it out. Today I started

Now, Mark suggests that 35 mm be captured using a film scanner if at all
possible. That leads to a couple of questions: what brands are best
(resolution vs. cost), and what is the minimum resolution? I am considering
a Nikon film scanner just because I know the brand but the minimum cost is
about $ 750.00 CDN. The Nikon scans at 4000 x 4000.

Another option suggested by my computer dealer is to buy an Epson Perfection
3170 with a film scanner adaptor. This scanner can capture at 3200 x 6400
hardware resolution (3200 Optical). Is this sufficient in quality to make
scans for silver and alternative processes? Frankly I don't know if the use
of a film adaptor gives good enough quality for crafting negatives.

My digital negatives will be output using an Epson 1280 printer. Ink set
and substrate to be determined later.

My first efforts will be using silver prints because I have access to a
darkroom at my high school and little space in my apartment. Next summer
when I move I will have an alt-photo work space.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. And thanks in advance.


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