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Martin! Didn't anyone ever take you into that well lit room and tell you: In photography you have to spend lots and lots of money on the most simply things. You can't just get a rod, it must be a Jim Davis or Marley Harley one with fancy price tags and added fruit basket to actually work well.

Aw, shucks. You're gonna ruin it for the rest of us. And, what if your pictures are good?

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  This brings up something that was puzzling me. Is there a colored tracer that can be added into solutions? This would allow seeing the coating, but would then wash out. Kind of like the AHC on film, whatever that is. My day job is in analytical chemistry and biotech, but I can't think of a soluble compound that would not stick like hell to either the gelatin protein or the paper carbohydrate.

  Also, I am experimenting with a home made coating rod made of PVC. Costs less than a dollar, and it seems to be OK. I textured the surface a little and am getting reasonable coating wit Pd/Pt solution. Has anyone else tried this?
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    Two things (probably among others): you'll find it more difficult to coat well if you're using a narrow brush, and it could be that the paper surface is too cool, so that the emulsion is starting to set while you're still brushing it. You can get round this by coating on top of a sheet of glass placed on a dish heater. Oh, and a third: you might find it easier to give two coats of watered-down emulsion than one of full-strength.

    Good luck,

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      Although I am beginning to feel I am somewhat of a masochist, I am continuing to experiment with liquid emulsion. I am using Luminos/Silverprint VC Liquid emulsion and applying it to paper (fabriano or BFK), using either a foam or a hake brush. Despite my attempts to coat smoothly and evenly (brushing first in own direction and then the other), streaky coating marks are evident throughout the image area after I expose the paper. When I hold the paper near the safelight after I have finished applying the emulsion, the paper looks smooth and shiny and I do not see any streaky brush marks.

      I would very much appreciate any suggestions.


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