RE: Liquid Emulsion-Coating Problems

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Date: 09/26/04-08:15:21 AM Z
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> Also, I am experimenting with a home made coating rod made of PVC.  Costs
less than a dollar, and it seems to be OK.  I textured the surface a little
and am getting reasonable coating wit Pd/Pt solution.  Has anyone else tried

Yes, Edwards Engineered Products ( makes
'plastic' coating rods, but IMO don't waste your time with these as glass
rods work much better. The EE rods never seemed to coat as well as glass
does, they have a lot of drag when compared to glass rods and don't coat
smoothly. I have a large sheet of plate glass that I place my paper on for
coating which provides a flat smooth support. I don't think a textured rod
surface will give best results.

You may also want to consider using the magic brush, a.k.a., Richeson 9010
synthetic hair brush or something similar. A 2 inch flat can be purchased
from Jerry's Artarama
( for about

Good luck,

Don Bryant
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