Re: trouble with BTZS software

From: Joe Smigiel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/24/04-09:09:42 PM Z
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You don't say which developer or diluion you are using. The problem
might be with the developer or concentration. For example, I've heard
that X-TOL can spontaneously go bad so I've avoided its use. Maybe the
developer volume isn't sufficient if you are bulk developing films in a
dilute developer. 4 minutes for HP5 doesn't seem extremely short to me
especially if you are pulling the film, but that again depends on the

Is the thermometer the same and has it been calibrated? I'd check the
thermometer first before suspecting anything else.


>>> 09/24/04 9:14 PM >>>

I did a film test last May and entered all the data into the plotter
program, and then sent the curves to the Expo Dev softare, and
everything seemed to be working fine. I exposed about fifty negatives
or more this summer, and now I am back in Houston developing them.
They seemed to be exposed perfectly, but they are way
under-developed. The highlights are falling in the range of 0.9.
Anybody have any idea how I messed up? I processed the film at 68
degrees for the test and for the recent negatives. I used tubes. I
used distilled water for test and negatives. I thought I was doing
everything right!

The times do seem a little screwed up. For example, for HP5+, for an
SBR of 8.4, it says to develop for four minutes. That doesn't hardly
seem long enough, but I followed directions, and sure enough, it's
not long enough. Why did the software think my times should be so
short? I checked the densitometer to make sure it was calibrated

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