trouble with BTZS software

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Date: 09/24/04-07:14:37 PM Z
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I did a film test last May and entered all the data into the plotter
program, and then sent the curves to the Expo Dev softare, and
everything seemed to be working fine. I exposed about fifty negatives
or more this summer, and now I am back in Houston developing them.
They seemed to be exposed perfectly, but they are way
under-developed. The highlights are falling in the range of 0.9.
Anybody have any idea how I messed up? I processed the film at 68
degrees for the test and for the recent negatives. I used tubes. I
used distilled water for test and negatives. I thought I was doing
everything right!

The times do seem a little screwed up. For example, for HP5+, for an
SBR of 8.4, it says to develop for four minutes. That doesn't hardly
seem long enough, but I followed directions, and sure enough, it's
not long enough. Why did the software think my times should be so
short? I checked the densitometer to make sure it was calibrated

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