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Date: 09/23/04-06:48:17 AM Z
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The longevity part helps me a lot as I'm having problems keeping the
image *stuck*.

I've asked this question in the past but is there any thoughts on how
to keep an image on glass solid enough to be exposed to extremely high
temperatures (thousands of F)..Clearly without some protectant the
silver will melt off far sooner but am wondering if there are
processes to protect the image from extremely high heat.


On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 23:10:08 -0400, Jordan Lee
<> wrote:
> I've put images on glass and tile before using liquid emulsion. I first
> coated the glass (or tile) with gelatin. I let it dry overnight and then
> proceeded to apply emulsion like normal. When developing I used chemicals on
> the cooler side. The emulsion lifted a little on the edges, but stayed in
> place on the rest of the image.(Agitate VERY carefully) I didn't know about
> cleaning the glass before hand so maybe I just got lucky. I sealed them with
> uv-blocking clear acrylic spray (krylon I think). Both pieces are daily
> exposed to bright sun light and have been shipped around a lot and they're
> holding up quite well. I tried the acrylic as a subbing layer but had less
> luck than with the gelatin.
> Hope this helps.
> Jordan

Alex Swain (fo)
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