Further news of Peter Fredrick

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 I have recently returned form holiday to hear some good news. Peter is
still in hospital but he is home now at Southend General. I am going to up
to see him next week and will bring to him all your regards and good wishes.
When I find out the precise details of ward etc., I can tell you so you can
send individual messages. Cheers. Hellena
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> Galina Manikova wrote:
> >
> > Katharine,
> >
> > you may write to Can Serrat and ask, if you like, the address is:
> >
> > info@canserrat.org
> >
> > I am concerned too...
> Thank you Galina and Hellena for information; I'll keep in touch with
> his condition via Can Serrat. Things like this make me think how much
> like a family we are; we argue but we care about each other too, just
> like families do.
> Katharine
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