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From: Timo Sund ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/22/04-04:41:03 AM Z
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Galina Manikova wrote:
> Well, if I am to give some advice here, I would first consider how much
> time you want to spend on this matter, Timo!

Time is the only material I have plenty of.

> One can do cold processes as emulsion transfers of different sorts or

Im more familiar with traditional photography processes. Enamelling
would produce excellent result but is at this point too expensive for me.

> I wonder if it is worth it if you just want one picture, Timo?

Amount of love cant be measured?
Im not romantic type of person but like enormous challenges?

> Sometimes we might need to reconsider our intentions...

Only sometimes???

> But by all means,
> good luck!

Thanks. As soon I`ll get few rawskins tanned and off my hands Ill start
working on this process.

btw: does anyone know how to warm largescale aluminiumplates around 40C
and keep them that way for time it takes coat about 100cmx80cm plate
with liquid emulsion?

For smaller ones Ive put together "heater" from old iron. Still needs
some minor enchantments done but it is already working. Ill add some
new photos to my website as soon its up and running. Also that UV-box
is still under construction.

Today I finally get my new camerastand delievered(model circa 1860) Must
take some shots from it too.

Timo Sund
Palaios Photos
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