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I recommend a minimum of 75 ml of the 1:1:100 solution per 20 square
inches of film surface, i.e. a 4X5" negative.

If development times with the 1:1;100 dilution are too long use the
2;2:100 dilution and develop only about 55% as long. That is, 10
minutes of development with the 1:1:100 dilution develops film to
approximately the same contrast as 5.30 minutes with the 2:2;100


>Sandy, Thank you very much! Will use the times you supplied as a
>starting point. BTW, I use a Paterson tank requiring 290ml developer per
>135 film. Is there any ill effect using this amnt. or should I use some
>more (say... like 500ml or 1lt)? The dual purpose is fine especially for
>my 4x5" pinhole negatives. I guess I will start to make Ziatypes soon
>using pinhole negatives developed in Pyrocat HD.
>Susan, according the table below, your times are a little bit on the
>short side, not long... Thank you too.
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>> Loris,
>> For scenes of normal contrast I recommend the following times, based
>> on rotary processing in tubes with constant agitation at 72 degrees
>> F, using the 1:1:100 dilution. For tray or tank increase development
>> time by about 15-20%.
>> FP4+ 7:30 (graded papers), 10:00 (VC papers)
>> HP5+ 10 minutes (graded papers), 15:00 (VC papers)
>> ...
>> A negative developed in Pyrocat-HD that prints well on VC paper with
>> a #2 filter will print well in kallitype or Pt./Pd. with a minimum of
>> contrast control.
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