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Date: 09/17/04-07:48:12 AM Z
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For scenes of normal contrast I recommend the following times, based
on rotary processing in tubes with constant agitation at 72 degrees
F, using the 1:1:100 dilution. For tray or tank increase development
time by about 15-20%.

FP4+ 7:30 (graded papers), 10:00 (VC papers)
HP5+ 10 minutes (graded papers), 15:00 (VC papers)

As you can see slightly longer development times are required for
printing on VC papers than on graded papers.

One of the outstanding qualities of Pyrocat-HD is its ability to make
dual purpose negatives, i.e. for printing on silver and with
processes like kallitype, carbon and Pt./Pd. Other staining
developers such as PMK, Rollo Pyro and WD2D+ can also be used to make
dual purpose negatives but Pyrocat-HD is unique because its brown
stain is a more effective filter to UV light than the yellow/green
stain of the pyrogallol based developers. In other words, if you were
to develop a PMK and a Pyrocat-HD negative to the same effective
contrast for printing with silver gelatin (blue sensitiv process) the
Pyrocat-HD negative would have a much higher effective contrast than
the PMK negative for printing with UV processes.

A negative developed in Pyrocat-HD that prints well on VC paper with
a #2 filter will print well in kallitype or Pt./Pd. with a minimum of
contrast control.


>I just have ordered some Pyrocat HD. I plan to use it with 135 and 120
>film (in small tank) for silver gelatine printing. Will use it to
>develop FP4 and HP5. I undestand that FP4 is nice for low contrast
>scenes and HP5 for high contrast scenes.
>Can you please suggest me E.I., dilution, time and temperature for each
>film? Also, what is the minimum amnt. of working solution I should use
>for one 135 or 120 roll?
>Thanks in advance,
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