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  Hi Barry, you are not the only one who has done a thing like that- it sure
smartens one when that sort of thing happens...thanks for bringing the
subject up..
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> I like to use thiourea to tone silver prints. Part A is the thiourea,
> B is the Sodium Hydroxide. In order to save on glass bottles I put them
> both in Plastic drink pop bottles. After being away from the darkroom
> a week I found that the Sodium Hydroxide had eaten through the plastic
> flowed out the bottom of the bottle all over the shelf and every where
> I looked.
> OK, so I'm really stupid.
> It struck me that many alt processes use caustic, corrosive,
> or just messy chemicals.
> Does any one else think it might be nice if the chemists on the list
made a
> chart of the chemicals we use with reminders of what to watch out for?
> Maybe some one else is as stupid as me.
> Barry


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