Help with a "careful with chemicals list"

From: Barry Singer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/13/04-07:44:52 PM Z
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I like to use thiourea to tone silver prints. Part A is the thiourea, Part
B is the Sodium Hydroxide. In order to save on glass bottles I put them
both in Plastic drink pop bottles. After being away from the darkroom for
a week I found that the Sodium Hydroxide had eaten through the plastic and
flowed out the bottom of the bottle all over the shelf and every where else
I looked.

OK, so I'm really stupid.

It struck me that many alt processes use caustic, corrosive, carcinogenic
or just messy chemicals.

Does any one else think it might be nice if the chemists on the list made a
chart of the chemicals we use with reminders of what to watch out for?

Maybe some one else is as stupid as me.


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