Re: Prtg CMYK Separation NEGS in GUM

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Date: 09/13/04-02:57:03 AM Z
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> I have heard that the printing order is yellow, magenta, cyan and black but
> printing yellow first is not easy with the white paper and you better do
> magenta first, yellow after then cyan and black.
> Really what it matters is black to be the last and never yellow as the last
> printing pigment.

This last is only true if a less transparent yellow is used. With a
transparent yellow, the yellow can come anywhere. I usually print yellow
first, just because that's what I do not because it doesn't work over
other colors, but I do have one example where I printed yellow last.
For the apricots on my home page, an early tricolor:

I decided after printing the three colors that another yellow printing
was indicated to get the color the way I wanted. So I printed yellow
over the three colors. Tou can see that even in the darkest parts of the
picture, the yellow overlay is simply not a problem.
Katharine Thayer
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