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IF you have a blender or food processor, whip it up with cold water in your
dilution of choice. I do 1 gum +2 water (e.g. 100 grams gum and 200 ml
water). You can use it immediately. If you have to do it by hand, add a
bit of water and stir and keep doing that, just like you are mixing up flour
into a paste. You don't need distilled water, but if you have some, that is
OK, too. Definitely use a preservative or it'll sour on you quickly. You
can keep it in the fridge, though, for a while and it'll be fine. I think
this'll get ya started.
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Subject: Introduction and a Gum Arabic Question

> Hello Everyone
> I've been watching the list a fortnight now and I've learned a lot ! , my
main interests at the moment are Cyanotypes and Gum Printing, I'm having
good results with the Cyanotype with both the original formula and the Mike
Wear formula ( which is a lot more sensitive to paper type )
> and have started Gum Printing with Gloy glue which I've not been to happy
with , so i thought I'd try Gum Arabic which i bought from an online art
supply house .
> My question is this , the gum Arabic arrived as a white powder ,
what's the best way to liquefy it ? , hot or cold water , distilled or tap
water ? ,
> Cheers
> Iain Williams
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