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Oh, I agree. Most people don't have any idea these alt processes exist, and
I think one of the best ways to generate an appreciation for the beauty of
what we do is to present our work in a professional manner. You can have
the most beautiful and evocative print ever, but if it isn't displayed in a
way that brings out those qualities (or it isn't displayed at all), no one
will ever know or have the chance to appreciate and be moved by what you
have created.

Then, there are those in the art world who have always looked down their
noses at the photographic arts. I know it's snobbish, but by not doing
things their way (which oftentimes has its basis in sound experience), we
end up doing ourselves a disservice and alienate a group that could help
promote an appreciation of our art.

So, keep the comments coming. After all, presentation is just one more
critical part of our work. And if the final product isn't presented
properly, all the effort expended on the process can be wasted (this even
goes for critiquing a freshly-made print to see whether you need to adjust
your process to more closely fulfill a vision).


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> Thanks to everyone who responded to my questions about presenting my Pt/Pd
> prints.

Are you already closing this thread? I was hoping to hear more about
how others do and why they choose to do so... :-)

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