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  Hi Sandy, I don't remember his name and that of his team's- but; I think
the team was recently featured in the Nat. Geographic magazine.
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> Where I live broad band service is available as DSL for $29.95 per
> month, or via cable modem which is faster but slightly more
> expensive. I have seen DSL available in other areas for even less.
> As for the question about hurricane photography just yesterday one of
> the cable services interviewed just yesterday this fellow who has
> gone all over the world making videos and photographs of hurricanes.
> He had some amazing footage from hurricanes, not only from the US and
> the Caribbean but also from typhoons in the east. This fellow had
> really taken some chances to be where he was to get the that footage
> I can tell you for sure. Sorry, but for the moment I can not remember
> if this was on Fox News, MSNBC or CNN. Perhaps someone else saw it
> and can remember the photographer's name?
> Sandy
> > Please forgive me, but I can't resist. Ironically, though I live
> >remotely now and can't get broadband (except via expensive satellite
> >expensive equipment), where I lived a few months ago -- and where some
of my
> >original negatives still are, to my great consternation -- is in South
> >Florida, which just got whacked by hurricane Frances. It also had DSL
> >less than $50 per month, but not much less). So, I would like to offer
> >solidarity to Bob on two points, both 1) good luck with the hurricane,
> >2) on not having broadband; and to point out that I'd rather suffer a
> >connection than 100mph+ winds, ten inches of rain, and storm surges.
If one
> >has a choice, that is -- and to underline the point that (as in Bob's
> >many of us do not, regarding either hurricanes or broadband or the
> >availability of organic produce or access to effective AIDS treatment
> >even just to clean drinking water, etc., etc., through no fault of our
> >But this list, as a text-only resource, is available to people all over
> >world who are lucky enough to have access to computers, and I think
that is
> >a great thing.
> > That said, part of me can't help regretting that I wasn't there
> >Florida for Frances); it seems like a profound phenomenon (the
> >not the dialup) in which to take images. Does anyone know of
hurricane or
> >storm images that have been made, either as still photos or as
> >cinema (and I realize that I'm revealing my odd-ball status on this
list) --
> >that is, NOT just straight documentation, however impressive that can
> >but artistic creation that revolves photographically around images
taken in
> >or of storms? I am suddenly quite interested, and unfortunately it
> >that Florida may get another chance in about a week. Maybe I'll go...
> >
> > Robert Schaller
> >
> >
> >
> > On 9/5/04 8:29 PM, "Bob Kiss" <> wrote:
> >
> >> Barbados has recently introduced DSL for a mere few hundred
dollars hook
> >> up and only $120 U.S. per month usage fee. If I am right, that is
> >> TIMES what most of you are paying for it! It is only available in a
> >> parishes near our capitol, Bridgetown, not out here on the east
coast in St.
> >> Philip, where I live. Gee, I feel silly that I am spending money on
> >> paper, platinum & palladium salts and other things TO MAKE
> >> rather than saving my pennies to get this overpriced service when
our ISP
> >> finally decides to honor us with its presence in St. Philip. Am I
being too
> >> sarcastic? Don't be facetious!
> >> I think Gordon has made it clear. There are rules and they are in
> >> for logical reasons. We agreed to them when we signed up. Let's
stick to
> >> them.
> >> Ivan the Terrible (hurricane) is on its way with 135 mph
> >> Let's see if I even have dial up by Wednesday!!!
> >> CHEERS!
> >> BOB
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> >> If nothing else, sending large attachments generates literally
hundreds of
> > > reply emails (like this one.) If we continue at this rate, the name
of the
> >> list will have to be changed to "55minute-L" or something.
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> >> Rob
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