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Where I live broad band service is available as DSL for $29.95 per
month, or via cable modem which is faster but slightly more
expensive. I have seen DSL available in other areas for even less.

As for the question about hurricane photography just yesterday one of
the cable services interviewed just yesterday this fellow who has
gone all over the world making videos and photographs of hurricanes.
He had some amazing footage from hurricanes, not only from the US and
the Caribbean but also from typhoons in the east. This fellow had
really taken some chances to be where he was to get the that footage
I can tell you for sure. Sorry, but for the moment I can not remember
if this was on Fox News, MSNBC or CNN. Perhaps someone else saw it
and can remember the photographer's name?


> Please forgive me, but I can't resist. Ironically, though I live
>remotely now and can't get broadband (except via expensive satellite plus
>expensive equipment), where I lived a few months ago -- and where some of my
>original negatives still are, to my great consternation -- is in South
>Florida, which just got whacked by hurricane Frances. It also had DSL (for
>less than $50 per month, but not much less). So, I would like to offer my
>solidarity to Bob on two points, both 1) good luck with the hurricane, and
>2) on not having broadband; and to point out that I'd rather suffer a dialup
>connection than 100mph+ winds, ten inches of rain, and storm surges. If one
>has a choice, that is -- and to underline the point that (as in Bob's case)
>many of us do not, regarding either hurricanes or broadband or the
>availability of organic produce or access to effective AIDS treatment or
>even just to clean drinking water, etc., etc., through no fault of our own.
>But this list, as a text-only resource, is available to people all over the
>world who are lucky enough to have access to computers, and I think that is
>a great thing.
> That said, part of me can't help regretting that I wasn't there (in
>Florida for Frances); it seems like a profound phenomenon (the hurricane,
>not the dialup) in which to take images. Does anyone know of hurricane or
>storm images that have been made, either as still photos or as experimental
>cinema (and I realize that I'm revealing my odd-ball status on this list) --
>that is, NOT just straight documentation, however impressive that can be,
>but artistic creation that revolves photographically around images taken in
>or of storms? I am suddenly quite interested, and unfortunately it appears
>that Florida may get another chance in about a week. Maybe I'll go...
> Robert Schaller
> On 9/5/04 8:29 PM, "Bob Kiss" <> wrote:
>> Barbados has recently introduced DSL for a mere few hundred dollars hook
>> up and only $120 U.S. per month usage fee. If I am right, that is FOUR
>> TIMES what most of you are paying for it! It is only available in a few
>> parishes near our capitol, Bridgetown, not out here on the east coast in St.
>> Philip, where I live. Gee, I feel silly that I am spending money on film,
>> paper, platinum & palladium salts and other things TO MAKE PHOTOGRAPHS
>> rather than saving my pennies to get this overpriced service when our ISP
>> finally decides to honor us with its presence in St. Philip. Am I being too
>> sarcastic? Don't be facetious!
>> I think Gordon has made it clear. There are rules and they are in place
>> for logical reasons. We agreed to them when we signed up. Let's stick to
>> them.
>> Ivan the Terrible (hurricane) is on its way with 135 mph winds.
>> Let's see if I even have dial up by Wednesday!!!
>> BOB
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>> Rob
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