Subject Line: Dags, not Hurricanes (and ISP's)

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Hello Brigette! Welcome to the list. Now I suggest that you watch your subject line.
Some of us are deleting these hurricane postings without further ado. It is wonderful and
terrible and all that, that there are hurricanes, but if you solicit dag info under that
header, then there is a good chance you are going to get plonked real fast. Post dag
questions under a dag header.


On 6 Sep 2004 at 22:30, Gregory Popovitch wrote:

> Hi Brigitte,
> There are a few people making daguerreotypes now. Many are member of
> the Daguerrean society ( which meets once a yearin
> november, and I would encourage you to become a member. Charlie
> Schreiner has a web site ( wich is a good starting
> point, but of course taking a workshop will save you a lot of time
> (Jerry Spagnoli does 5 day workshops at Photographer's Formulary, and
> Mike Robinson does one day workshops once a year). The old manuals
> (Humphrey, etc...) are useful as well.
> The daguerreotype process is very fickle, and it takes a strong
> motivation to get started... as you will see there are a lot of things
> you will need to do before making your first dag, and when you get
> there it may be a while before you get an acceptable image on your
> silver plate. But the rewards are great as well! I am not an expert
> myself, having started about a year ago, but if you are curious you
> can see a whole plate daguerreotype I made today at:
> The blue hilights are
> natural, and are due to solarisation.
> I wish you the best of luck,
> gregory
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> Hello,
> I 'm new to this list. I am trying to learn how to make
> Daguerre-o-types and was wondering if anyone here knows how,
> or can let me know the best way to get started.
> Unfortunately there are no workshops in the Los Angeles area where I
> live. but I think I will travel to find one. Thank you, Brigitte
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