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If you mean a reliable source for the fact that lemmings don't commit
herd suicide by leaping en masse off cliffs and that this was a myth
perpetuated (or perpetrated?) by Disney, this is a well-known fact among
biologists. It drives my son, a zoologist, nuts when people talk about
lemmings jumping off cliffs.

Baird, Darryl wrote:
> Hey Rob, do you have a reliable source for this statement? I'm
> fascinated by this "idea" of death by myth fulfillment/perpetuation.
> -Darryl B.
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> Actually lemmings don't follow the group over the cliff's edge.
> The lemming myth was perpetuated by Walt Disney's "nature" film makers
> who
> forced the rodents their deaths for the film "White Wilderness"
> (1958).
> Occasionally overcrowding will cause some of a large group of lemmings
> to be
> pushed to their deaths in nature, but like most animals lemmings are
> more
> likely to behave in murderous than suicidal behaviors.
> Another example of memetic programming in corporate service.
> Rob Hobbs
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