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I have heard lemmings make excellent applicators for all sorts of alt
process emulsions, but that they will dive suicidally from your worktable if
they are subjected to incessant rants about elitist, bandwidth hogging,
attachment sending, anti-luddite mailing list members...



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If you mean a reliable source for the fact that lemmings don't commit
herd suicide by leaping en masse off cliffs and that this was a myth
perpetuated (or perpetrated?) by Disney, this is a well-known fact among
biologists. It drives my son, a zoologist, nuts when people talk about
lemmings jumping off cliffs.

Baird, Darryl wrote:
> Hey Rob, do you have a reliable source for this statement? I'm
> fascinated by this "idea" of death by myth fulfillment/perpetuation.
> -Darryl B.
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> Actually lemmings don't follow the group over the cliff's edge.
> The lemming myth was perpetuated by Walt Disney's "nature" film makers
> who
> forced the rodents their deaths for the film "White Wilderness"
> (1958).
> Occasionally overcrowding will cause some of a large group of lemmings
> to be
> pushed to their deaths in nature, but like most animals lemmings are
> more
> likely to behave in murderous than suicidal behaviors.
> Another example of memetic programming in corporate service.
> Rob Hobbs
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