Re: CMYK separations on Adobe Photoshop

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Date: 10/29/04-10:32:26 PM Z
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>>> 10/29/04 11:48 PM >>>
Sorry, but...
How do you get the Cyan channel from a RGB file without going to CMYK?
Isn't this the question?
How do you get the Cyan colors?

I'm just printing the RGB red channel negative using a cyan pigment (in
the image example, Linel Hortensia Blue). The green channel is printed
with magenta and the blue channel gets printed with yellow pigment. As
I've said and the image example shows, the colors are different in the
final image than when you do a CMYK conversion and make separation
negatives from those files. If you want a more accurate transcription
you should do the RGB to CMYK conversion. I'm just offering a possible
alternative since the original question asked about possibilities other
than doing the conversion to CMYK in Photoshop.

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