Crystal Clear Transparency

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/29/04-08:55:40 PM Z
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I finally had some time to experiment with the Crystal Clear Film. If
you recall my first attempt failed because the film had not dried
sufficiently (after 24 hours) and the pigmented ink stuck to the
sensitized paper. Well, I printed the negative again and allowed it
to dry for several days. Today I made a palladium print from the
Crystal Clear negative (film was 11X17 and image area approximately
10X16) and it turned out great. The film had dried completely so that
was not an issue, and the image was very sharp, and with virtually no
grain. In every way as good (maybe better) than anything I could have
done with Pictorico. And shorter exposure time as well!!

I am very, very pleased because the use of this material will save me
a bundle over Pictorico. The only caveat is that you must allow a
long time for the negatives to dry, or force dry them in some way.

Anyway, thanks a bunch for introducing me to the material. The next
time we all get together your meal is on me.


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