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From: Jack Brubaker ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/29/04-09:40:52 AM Z
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Chris wrote
 "a Jack Brubaker memorial Scotch Brite pad"

Chris, Its nice to be remembered, but I'm not dead yet, only absent. I have
taken six months off reading the list to focus on a series of intaglio
prints (drawn not photo).

As I worked on these plates it was great to read Katherine's artical in the
June-July Lens Work about the post- modern pictoialist lnadscape. The prints
are of trees seen around my studio and on my travels. She reassured me that
it was OK to be loving nature without needing to impose a "twist" or
contradiction on what's there in front of me. I was doing it anyway but its
nice to be intellectually supported by her words. Thanks Katherine.

I'm now finishing out a 30' by 30' loft above my forge as a gallery and 2D
studio for intaglio and gum printing.

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