Re: PDN Negatives and Epson Ink Jet

From: Loris Medici ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/16/04-12:53:47 AM Z
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IME, Epson Transparency prints Cyanotypes as well as Pictorico but the
material has some kind of non-random / patterned texture which may (or may
not) show up in prints made on HP paper (my trial was made on NOT paper with
no ill effects). The printing speed also may change (I can't say definitely
because my trials with Epson Transparency were made under sun).

Will be glad to hear results of your trial.


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Subject: PDN Negatives and Epson Ink Jet

> For what it is worth I just printed a digital negative with the Epson 2200
> on Epson Ink Jet transparency material. It was a spectral negative
> designed using Mark Nelson's PDN system, emerald green and prints with an
> effective density range of about 1.80, calibrated for my kallitype and
> palladium printing.
> As best I can determine the negative looks to be as good as any I have
> made on Pictorico. The pigmented ink dried nicely and I see no sign at all
> of banding or lines from the rollers picking up wet ink. Final proof will
> be the print but just looking at the negative I am very confident that it
> will print as well as Pictorico.
> Sandy
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