PDN Negatives and Epson Ink Jet

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/15/04-10:39:05 PM Z
Message-id: <a0602048dbd9654ace8b7@[]>

For what it is worth I just printed a digital negative with the Epson
2200 on Epson Ink Jet transparency material. It was a spectral
negative designed using Mark Nelson's PDN system, emerald green and
prints with an effective density range of about 1.80, calibrated for
my kallitype and palladium printing.

As best I can determine the negative looks to be as good as any I
have made on Pictorico. The pigmented ink dried nicely and I see no
sign at all of banding or lines from the rollers picking up wet ink.
Final proof will be the print but just looking at the negative I am
very confident that it will print as well as Pictorico.

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