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Date: 10/14/04-07:58:29 PM Z
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On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> I also do have that yellowing, extremely, in the beads of gelatin buildup
> on the edges of the paper, with glyoxal, that you had once mentioned. So
> now, glyoxal can yellow, glyoxal can still stain, what is the point of it
> anyway???

It occurs to me to wonder what the pH of your water is... Because, tho I
have seen that yellowing in a bead of gelatin at the edge, that only
happened once or twice and yellowing has been very rare otherwise... In
fact i've got some paper out on a couple of surfaces in my studio that's
been hanging around for a year or two -- unchanged. Since I did see
strong discoloration from a couple of alkalis (I remember sodium carbonate
in particular) added to the glyoxal, supposedly to strengthen linking of
the gelatin, I'm wondering if that could be at work...

What's the pH of Everclear?

Or maybe it's from being IN the gelatin, not over it???? I've never put
the glyoxal in the gelatin...

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