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Date: 10/14/04-05:12:53 PM Z
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Hi Judy,
     That might be good to buy, yeah, because the Everclear probably won't
touch my stomach after that visual! A well-peated Scotch is harsh enough.

     Interestingly, I have been printing the glyoxal coated paper side by
side with the glutaraldehyde stuff; never a stain with glut, whites stay
incredibly white. The glyoxal sized stuff keeps picking up stain. I'm not
talking about the everclear piece--that was a total stainer, but the well
coated stuff. I even printed an unsized paper side by side with the glyoxal
and it performed better than the glyoxal one did!

     I also do have that yellowing, extremely, in the beads of gelatin
buildup on the edges of the paper, with glyoxal, that you had once
mentioned. So now, glyoxal can yellow, glyoxal can still stain, what is the
point of it anyway???

I'll keep working with it to see if there is some other variable that is the
cause, and also because I have a honkin' big bottle of the stuff, but so far
it makes me want to test formaldehyde against glut, not glyoxal. On a whole
I am just not impressed, especially when glut does all I want it to.

>> When I sized my paper a couple weeks ago (the glyoxal batch) I had
>> forgotten
>> to add the Everclear to one batch of the mix to prevent bubble formation.
>> I
>> cavalierly added a good dash to the tray, and watched with horror as it
> christina, Kremer anti-foam (about $7 for about 8 oz) should last you the
> rest of your life & I think much simpler to use -- 1 drop per liter of
> gelatin -- though granted it's not as good to drink.
> Judy
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