Graphic Arts Lamps (for KT or anyone else who cares to answer)

From: Schuyler Grace ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/14/04-09:57:16 AM Z
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Do you know the brand name and/or model number of the bulb you are using to
expose your prints? I seem to get better results (to my eye) using sunlight
to expose both platinum and gum than I do with my bank of fluorescent lamps,
and I'm considering trying a setup like you use, if it isn't going to cost
an arm and a leg to rig it up. From what I have heard/read, your light
source yields a print similar to that exposed with sunlight, but you don't
have the heat and changing light output issues.

BTW, I'm writing through the list because SpamCop is blocking my e-mail
directed to you. Oh for the days when spam didn't permeate everything...


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