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Date: 10/14/04-08:27:05 AM Z
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I had the same problem with separations printed last week on Ultrafine
(Photo Warehouse material) transparencies with a 2200. One of the
separations looked like it had a pincushion distortion. I attributed that
to a rather flimsly support somehow not being flat in the printer, but
maybe there is something more to it. Out of several sets of negatives that
I printed for tricolor gum only one or two had this problem. Very
frustrating, since I dicovered in only half way through printing. Never
saw it wiith Pictorico OHP.
Marek Matusz
> Hi Chris,
> No problem with the feeding. The substrate is Pictorico OHP or Agfa
> CopyJet.
> Always the same channel or more true, the new
> cyan document created from splitting channels.
> With exactly the same size and resulotion as the other two.
> Sometimes crooked edge in a way that reminds you of a pincushion
> distorsion.
> Very frustrating.
> Talking about getting sepnegs in register.
> Another "funny" thing that happens when you use a
> very good filmscanner
> and scan old slides taken with a bad lens.
> Suddenly you discover a lot of chromatic
> aberrations.
> Hans & Chia
>>Hans and Chia,
>> I read this message a while ago, and since it had never happened
>> before
>>I deleted the message.
>> Today I printed an image (11x17) and with my third printing the
>> paper
>>had mysteriously stretched over 1/8 inch, and in an odd off register way.
>> I put two and two together (after I printed the sucker), after
>> having
>>read your message. Sure enough, when I superimposed all the negs, the
>> green
>>channel negative was a different size, but ALSO it was crooked edged.
>> Then
>>I remembered, that this was the sheet that did not feed through the
>> printer
>>straight and got slightly hung up.
>> From now on I will make sure all negs register before printing.
>> This
>>is with a 2200, not your printer, and it probably doesn't even answer
>> your
>>particular problem, but is it possible the substrate is not feeding
>> through
>>correctly in your printer, too, or does this always happen with just that
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