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Date: 10/12/04-06:38:02 AM Z
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I work on about 25 papers and tested about 300 hundreds. I don't even
finish to test paper as I always find a new and interesting paper.
On some of them the use of more concentrated solution work but when a paper
is well prepared It bring nothing. So in some case it is easier to use a
more concentrate soltuion, but some paper are so buffered that they really
need an acid bath.

Also some of the paper need a slight sizing to turn excellent.

We need all these solution to create fine print. And sometime I ever need
all this solution to turn a paper good.

best regards

Nzé Christian

>From: "Jeffrey D. Mathias" <>
>Subject: Re: Another Ziatype question
>Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 22:21:20 -0400
>nze christian wrote:
>>Jeffrey, I find no use by using more concentrated solution of Palladium,
>>it don't yeld better Dmax. I give a try to your formula for zia and with
>>my paper Cot 320 and Buxton there is no difference . It surely work with
>>some paper but with good paper even a more dilute solution work.
>I have also found different papers to require a different threshold of
>chemistry. However I would not suggest limiting working to the paper which
>uses the least amount of chemistry as the paper selection provides many
>options for the final presentation of the image. Although I do tend to
>gravitate toward my favorite papers and fabric.
>Jeffrey D. Mathias

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