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> Then print a step wedge to determine your minimum printing time. If
> you
> are
> printing with a digital negative with a printing time of 1.5 minutes
> you may not be giving enough exposure to achieve an adequate DMAX.
> run
> into this problem before with other processes (VDB and kallitype).

The Photowarehouse film I'm using "looks" way more transparent than
Pictorico and it's definitely more transparent from imagesetter
negatives. I determined 1:30 by exposing a test strip for 1min. and
another one for 2mins. There was little difference (I mean the blackness
- I have used no step wedge, just clear film), so I choose 1:30 as
standard printing time. Maybe I should repeat the test using a 21 step
wedge and see if the first two steps are equal in density when exposed

> Ziatype printing is a very user friendly process. It seems to me that
> you are over complicating the process; I mean even I can make a decent

> ziatype print. So I know if I can do it anyone can, but you have to
> establish your working parameters first. B&S Ziatype solution works
> fine, use their formula for the AFO mixture.

What is their formula? I don't know the strength of either their AFO and
LiPdCl solutions.

> And for what it's worth you really need to get paper that you can work

> with. Can't you order paper from B&S over the internet?

I know a guy that plans to be a reseller or better a distributor of
Bergger. If that happens, will definitely use Cot 320 :)

Thanks again,
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