Re: Ziatype: how many coatings?

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Thanks Christian,

I took your advice and waited 10 mins. before exposure. The printout was
quick and strong (I don't know if it may improve with development). The
emulsion is incredibly sensitive. My exposure time is 1:30 under 40W Philips
actinic bulbs (which are located 3" above the glass). My Vandyke standard
exposing time is 5:00 (8:00 for Cyanotype II). Is that normal?

The dmax is not very strong (to rephrase: it's below what I have expected).
It's looks like being between double coated untoned Vandyke and single
coated Cyanotype II - will measure this later when I have access to a
friend's densitometer. What can I do to improve it? (other than multiple
printing I mean)


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> Hello Loris
>>My question is: What is your experience with Ziatype? Do you think I can
>>enough dmax with only one coating? Or should I coat twice?
> Ziatype give good Dmax without the need of double coating. I get a 1.5
> Dmax with one coat. If it'isnt enousgh for you you may consider to make
> mutli espoxure and multicoating. This give better Dmax than double coating
> and one exposure. I really don't find that ziatype gain anything from
> double coating before one exposure.
> I 've never use the whatman paper. But you may wait 10 minute before
> exposure. But it depend on the temp and place you live . Here in normandy
> with a 71f and a 60%Rh I wait 10 minute and paper is ready to be expose.
> and in fact whatever the weather till the Rh is over 50% I let my paper
> dry 10 minutes.
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